Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been focused all my life on living what I consider to be a moral life. Up until recently, I thought this to be the most important thing to focus your mental energy on, and perhaps ultimately it is. That is, once you have enough money to make a living. What does it mean to live morally? Does it mean you walk around quoting Descartes and Plato in an attempt to prove to others how moral you are. Of course not. It means you live your life according to what YOU think it means to be a moral person. Ancient philosophers can help guide you to what they believe to be a moral life, which can be helpful, but ancient philosophers are just that, ancient.

What you must remember when reading philosophy is that all philosophers are a product of the times that they live in. For example, if a man lives during a period of anarchy and chaos, he will most likely describe the human condition as such, as opposed to the man who lives in the 20th century and can clearly see the outline of the societies in which we live.

So read, but remain mindful of where that person comes from, and possible biases that may affect their view on this world. If you want to read some interesting new philosophy which focuses on the expansion of the mind through the depletion of the ego, check out "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. It is an eye opening book to say the least...

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Marty said...

Morality When used successfully should only apply to the individual.

My morality only applies to me. The most Dangerous times in the history of the world were when Humans attempt to take one individuals morality and impose it upon the society in which they live.

finding that fine line between whats moral and whats criminal is the defining moments in the human existence.

Never Never force your concept of morality upon another. This is only an attempt to say you better than others. Saying accomplishes little to those who do not listen. Morality by example goes beyond simple language.

Something about morality and the cyclical balance of life, Proves those who judge others are the very ones who do that to cover their own short commings.

The lesson to me Zach is you and the public life you chose. Your since of morality said you must be honest with yourself and others that's important in your life. Your reward is self confidence.

You only have to look to the news recently. In that you see all the people given the same options you had about morality chose a different path and where are they now. Disgraced in public bathrooms. Hiding behind the Church only to be humiliated in the eyes of their friends.
To the greedy the path of morality is to be preached to others and ignored by those who demand their self gratification now.