Wednesday, July 9, 2008


A few days ago I had my heart broken when I recorded a CD with some friends. We were just jamming out, free-styling, etc., but when I listened to the final edit, I hated what I heard. I immediately threw the CD away and swore to never sing again.

Needless to say, I am back singing. Perhaps it was the music, the time of day, but most likely it was me being too hard on myself. I need to learn to relax when it it comes to judging things. Then again, as my brother suggested, perhaps I need to hold all people to the same standards that I hold myself to.

Regardless which method of judgment is most beneficial to a person's life(I believe it is the latter), I have realized that the key to singing is not trying to sing. When I hated my voice on CD, it sounded strained and forced. The best singing(as described by my voice teacher in college) is done by those who simply speak, and add a tone, not by those who try to sing.

So, just let it happen with singing, yet with judgments be harsh and truthful. Fun stuff.

Much love,

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Dan said...

Welcome back Zach! I kept your blog on my blog roll and just happened to click on it and low and behold!

Glad to see you are doing well and cant wait to hear more about your adventures in life.