Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Times

I leave Thursday for Rhode Island. My roommate from college is getting married, so I am flying into Boston first, spending the night in Harvard Square with friends, then going to the wedding. After the weekend, I am going to NYC and will be interviewing with a number of companies. I will also be awaiting word from the Haifa Heat about playing for them next year in Israel.

Very cool options. I realized that I usually over think everything, and that I've probably missed a descent amount of enjoyment in life because I have been distracted by thinking about what makes me happy, rather than just being happy.

I am really excited about this move, will update soon.


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Marty said...

an observance based entirely on what i read.

yes, observe the silence of the flower and all things associated with its beautiful image.

Then, zoom, your on to the next thing or flower. In your haste to find something. You may well miss the obvious. You are overlooking an opportunity that will be your purpose or mission in life, in you haste your also ruining your timing.

As a Player you know how important timing is when you play the game its the same in life. Move too fast and your past the point where you can catch the ball. Slow down and let you excellent timing take over to score

Unless you take life a little slower you are going to run right over your best opportunities. You'll pass them right by and then realise you didn't look at all the options and take the time to see the path you didn't take was the scenic road and you were in a hurry. Missing something important in your journey.

Stop, Slow Down, and take the time to smell the flower. Part of its beauty is in its pleasant fragrance and with that you may find some thing you like or something that looks good but smells bad.

In your current travels and opportunities. Stop and smell the Rose. Observe it if you approach to fast The apparent beauty and fragrance is there to lure you in. Then something as beautiful as a Rose will hurt you if your not careful in how you handle it.

Fast works in sports but its dangerous in life.