Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I've been in the city for close to a week now, and I've noticed a few things:
One-Everything and everyone move faster than in the midwest.
Two-No one cares who you are unless you are really really famous.
Three-There is nearly unlimited opportunity in the city for anyone who wants to work hard.
Four-I don't know, I really don't like this list to be honest, but you know what, fuck off, I'm a New Yorker. What's the matter you?

Needless to say, you catch on quickly here.

I've been networking and have a number of interviews set up, and feel really good about what I have done since I've been here. Now here's the kicker. Two weeks ago, I tried out for an Israeli basketball team, and originally they called back and told me that I should not count on having a job in Israel. So...I moved on and got more serious about jobs in New York. Two days ago I get a call from the team saying that they want to place me with another team in Israel.

I am on a plane as soon as they have a contract. I was considering staying in the city, but have realized(thanks to some talking to), that I can come to the city anytime, and that basketball is now or never.

I am ready to become as good as a basketball player as I possibly can. It is going to be my life and work for years to come. One good thing about playing sports is that you can only work out for so long each day, which means I will have lots of time to work on other projects/do other things; like writing, judo, learning hebrew, playing guitar, etc...I will update my blog with the team's site for anyone who cares to keep up with my stats. To the 4 of you who read my blog, thank you and enjoy!

Haven't gone Philosophical in a while, I guess getting out and living will do that to you.

I'm sure the Holy land will provide me with plenty to think about.

May next blog be in Israel! (Sedar joke)

Much love,


Marty said...

You found it, Do what you know best. Build a better life and experience doing what your already known for.

There will be plenty of time for things less physical with age. Three things are sure in this adventure.

1. Your doing something you know and your confidence is with you to win. One thing America has done for you is learning to be competitive.

2. You get the understanding of your Heritage. Genetics and DNA are something that makes each of us unique. That's the biggest issue with Americans we dont know who our ancestors were past a few generations. This gives you the opportunity to understand the genetics that make up your brain wiring and the person you are.

3. New start. I don't understand it but coming out, to many people, look at it as if we had lied to them. That some how we were not being honest to them and there by they step on their dicks by saying mean and nasty things. That they would only say behind our back rather than face the consequences of their actions. As i have said to many this is one Faggot that will kick your ass if you say another word. Now i use words to accomplish the same goal.
Be honest with people up front Zach if asked. Get a plan on how to deal with your sexuality.

My standard answer now. If i'm not in bed with you what difference does it make. I answer more forth right now. Why because we are fighting for a place in the world more than any other group right now. if the good people hide we can never change the hearts and minds of the people of the world who wish to oppress us.

If you do move to Israel it will be a learning experience and learning is something you will have all your life and no one can take it from you. I believe we carry this knowledge through our journeys in time. Kinda explains Genius and Stupid on this planet.

Your timing is right on this move Zach. The Jewish people are in an incredible period of history in accepting all that are accepting of who they are and their goals. I do understand why you do not have to wait to go. The Israel's are accepting of all who are blood of the Hebrew people.
You taught me something i never understood. Why a homeland is so important to them and you. At the expense of so much death and destruction. I'm most impressed that the people who discovered and found Jehovah established all religion in The west and Europe would accept one of our own even with questions of sexuality.
That says volumes to me. Someone who often questioned the need for all this death to secure a home.
Thanks for that Zach. You have a new supporter for the people The Egyptians Respectfully called the Wondering tribes of the Hebrews.

The biggest Ethnic cleansing the world has ever seen involved Both Jews and Homosexuals Persecuted and Imprisoned by the Nazi's and killed for just being who they are. Promise me one thing. When you get to Israel visit one place and say a prayer for all of us. Then write about your experience, Please..... Here it is.


Jehovah's Speed

coachjw1@hotmail.com said...

Good luck to you as you chase the dream! :) I'd like to read your blog through the team's site! Would you please share the site with me?

Marty's post is really awesome! Raw yet real. It's funny because I'm addressing some of these issues as I figure out where I'm going to live and work. In Minneapolis and Hopkins SD, my true self is not an issue. In Iowa, sadly, it is. (And I haven't lived in the closet for most of my adult life...)

Again, good luck to you!

Yours in the struggle,
j :)

Yamit Taragan said...

I will leave the philosophical questions to when we can discuss them in person but know that I would be thrilled if you came to Israel... You would definitely have a one-woman cheering section at your games, whether you are playing or not :)