Saturday, December 27, 2008

The years went by...

Things have changed. I believe they have changed for the better as well. My life has gone from a whirlwind of dreams and hallucinations to something much more, well, adult. My dreams of grandeur are slowly fading away, and a small part of me is sad to see them go. However, they are being replaced with tangible ideas and thoughts, things that I can work on, get dirty doing, and actually accomplish. My brother once told me that you won't know 99% of things until you are on your own, and I think he was right. The things that were once of such vast importance to me no longer take up any mental space, and new things have replaced them. I don't dream as much anymore, instead, I use my imagination to think of creative solutions to the events in my daily life. (Kind of like the tactics used in "The Secret") As I drive my Hyundai Getz around town, I see myself behind the wheel of a sleek Maserati, with 450 hp at my beck and call.

I guess being 25(26 in two weeks) comes with a good amount of life experience, and I've honestly had my share of love, heartache, and the like up until now. I think I'll settle down a bit, and see how that feels.

An interesting mantra to try. Imagine how you would act if you were in the presence of a great figure from history. For example, the other night I imagined I was sitting next to Buddha, and a great peace came over me, and then I began to sing.

Much love,

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