Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have now been in the holy land for 3 days. My game is on, and my team is awesome. I am the oldest player on the team, and thus, at 25, am the wiley old veteran. I like it. Most of the guys on the team speak Enlgish, some better than others, and most of the people here also speak some form of my native tongue. I have signed up for intensive Ulpan classes where I will be learning to speak Hebrew, so that I don't stick out any more than I already do. (Israelis are not the tallest of people)
One thing I had forgotten about Israel, since my trip when I was 16, was how natural Israelis think it is to argue with one another. The simplist thing, such as using a coupon at a grocery store, breaks into a heated debate without the slightest hesitation. Then everything is fine, no hard feelings. It really forces you be on your toes, but also to take everything with a grain of salt.
I am getting an apartment tomorrow, and hopefully a car and cell phone the next day. I was thinking today that I could see myself making a career out of this. I mean, it's either play basketball, or get into finance-ha!
Shalom from the Holy land!

Much love,

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