Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Israeli Way

This country had Ruach(spirit), I gotta give it to them. I just went to the Israeli National Basketball Team's game against the Czech Republic in Tel-Aviv, and it felt like a college basketball play-off game from start to finish. They have a student section that literally cheers the entire game long, and they make more noise(not more than the Barn, obviously) than most of the arenas in America, and they sustain it! It is an entirely different feeling when a country has one team to cheer for. I could literally feel the Israeli pride rushing through the crowd(it's that tingling one, you know) as they built their lead to 10, then 15, 20, all the way to 35, and still not a single person left the game! In America, blow-outs are a natural reason for early departure as the game has lost it's competitive edge; whereas with this crowd, the fever pitch only heightened with every increase in the lead. The people were on their feet cheering at the end, as Israel walked off the court with a 35 point mauling of the Czechs. I was very impressed, and also inspired as I thought that one day perhaps I could play for this team. Who knows?
I did experience another extremely Israeli moment when I went to get food at halftime. As I was paying for my hotdog and soda, I was bum-rushed by 6 children, who like most Israelis, have no concept of waiting or what a line is. Rather than forming lines and waiting, martial law seems to rule in these situations, and thus the loudest and strongest survive. Good for me, not so much for many others.
My game is feeling strong, and I am anxious to begin week 2 in the holy land.
Also just finished reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. A must read in order to find the divine in yourself and others. What better time to enter Heaven than now? Just think, if it's there, you started early, if it's not, then at least you had a lifetime to enjoy it as you imagined...

Peace and much love,


Marty said...

Zach are you signed with a team? Post a link. Who, Where, on a map are you.

Got any pictures yet?

Iran is saber rattling. Threatening Israel Friday Publicly. Bush did'nt respond. but should have. I think Obama will deal with them. Difference will be Obama will do it with the cooperation of the world.

Now for the other side. Look and listen use all your senses. including those that just give you a funny feeling. Pay close attention to everything around you. With the attitude of the Bush Adm. A lot of folks do not look at us a allies but invaders.


Anonymous said...

marty, that is too true