Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Republican fools

Did anyone just watch this? Talk about the most awkward possible ending to a political event ever. McCain literally froze at the end, only able to say,"Didn't we choose the right one?" I personally, would like a president who is able to make a bit more of an event out of such an occasion. Then they just shuffled off stage like they were being shooed out of a classroom. How bout a little crowd raiser?

How about when the crowd starting yelling, "Drill baby drill!"? Really? I can't help but laugh at how disgusting obvious they are. This was 30 seconds before Giuliani praised Palin for stopping oil companies from drilling in Alaska.

How many times do you think McCain and Palin talked before he made her the VP choice? I'd say once, twice tops.

My personal favorite quote of the night, which probably pissed off a good 1/3 of world population, was when Giuliani asked which side of being an Islamic terrorist would be more embarrassed about the other side, and he said, "the terrorist". Ummmm...correct me if I'm wrong, but why would a terrorist be ashamed to be a member of Islam? He knew he said it wrong too, and the crowd didn't seem to care as long as they had something to be fake-happy about.

I'm looking forward to the debates.

Obama '08


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Anonymous said...

Yes, Giuliani has thrown the insult heard halfway around the world. It firmly entrenches the view that the Republicans are a Judeo/Christian posse eager to lynch every single Muslim, just as the KKK lynched the black man all those years ago.